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We transform ideas in impact by sponsoring strategic initiatives that aim to develop new products, services and business processes that positively improve lives and sustainability. We have been supporting the positioning of Macau as a future focused, resilient and sustainable city and helping to create a competitive economy that enhances the quality of life of its citizens

Our Key Project


  • Develop an Innovative Project for sustainable meat production with Evora and Minho Universities

  • Support The Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (MIECF) for over a decade.

  • “928 Challenge” Startup Competition– Connecting Students of China, Macau and Portuguese-Speaking Countries

  • 2020 - CESL Asia Social Investment Initiative (CSII) 20th Anniversary

  • 2019 -  CESL Asia expanded its scope of investment and successfully acquired Monte do Pasto (MdP), the biggest Portuguese livestock breeder.

  • 2018 - China International Import Expo

  • 2016 - Start-Up Macau Forum

  • 2014 - FOCUS Platform Investment Agreement: CESL Asia invested the renewable energy: three solar power plants in Portugal.

  • 2000 - “CESL Asia Social Investment Initiative” Program (CSII) Established

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We promote continuous innovation. Over the years hundreds of transformative ideas from our employees have been implemented to create positive environmental impact.