CESL Asia participated in Macau TrailHiker 2013 to promote healthy team spirit and to contribute to social welfare

CESL Asia participated in Macau TrailHiker 2013 to promote healthy team spirit and to contribute to social welfare

Macau, 4 November 2013 – CESL Asia participated in Sands China Macau TrailHiker 2013 on 2nd of November. The company joined this significant event with a total of 40 volunteers and 13 hiker teams composed by employees and their family members, with the objective of promoting healthy team spirit among its staff members and, at the same time, to contribute to the city’s social development.

CESL Asia has been participating in Macau TrailHiker for 3 consecutive years in which a total of 130 volunteers and 40 hikers along with their family members have been involved. Each year, the company joins this event to support a local organization that has been working for enhancement of welfare, cultural and social development of our community.

This year the beneficiary charity was the Fu Hong Society, a nonprofit organization which supports and helps the mentally handicapped. The entrance fee of this event was donated to this organization for its daily operation and services provided to our community.

“We have been supporting many community development and social welfare activities in Macau, encouraging our staff to actively contribute to the local social and cultural development with an aim to grow a better society. Macau TrailHiker was definitely an opportunity which only enhanced our staff communication and leadership skills, but also allowed us to contribute ourselves to the community. We are happy that we have participated in this event to promote the healthy and the green side of our home city”, mentioned by CESL Asia’s Chairman, Mr. António Trindade.  



In 2000, the company introduced the non-profit “CESL Asia Social Investment” fund with an objective to enhance the intellectual, social, cultural and physical well-being of the community and staff members. To fund these activities, each year the company grants a portion of its revenue and, in partnership with and additional contributions from its team members and other likeminded organizations, provides valuable resources in support of the objectives established in the Social Investment Program. The company is currently expanding its Social Investment Team which aims at continuing its  active role in helping to grow the Macau community and the capabilities of CESL Asia’s team.