CESL Asia presents at the 28th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF)

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CESL Asia was invited by the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT), to present at the “Science and Technology Week 2023 and Exhibition of Achievements in Science and Technology Innovation” area of MIF, showcasing our innovative solution Ortux - People, Asset and Resources Management Platform.

FOCUS - Facilities Management Limited has successfully provided reliable, efficient and energy-saving solutions to our clients since its establishment in 1995. In recent years, we launched our own developed app Ortux for management and operation services, collaborating with AI and Human Expertise to improve the efficiency and quality of service.

Ortux, an intelligent platform combined cutting-edge technologies with over 35 years expertise to redefine facility management with a focus on efficiency and environmental consciousness, embodies CESL Asia’s strong support for business innovation in Macau.

Ortux, meticulously tailored for operational management services, is strategically designed to usher in intelligent and efficient facility operation and maintenance. Data analysis reveals that Ortux can enhance management efficiency by over 35%, while reducing facility maintenance costs by 25% to 35%. Its scope encompasses diverse facilities such as critical infrastructure (airports, ferry terminals, power plants, etc.), integrated gaming resorts, medical institutions, educational establishments, and factories.

Let’s Win and Grow in Results and Sustainability with Ortux together!