CESL Asia Celebrates 35 Years of Sustainable Growth and Innovation, Signs Strategic Sustainable Tech Partnership at Anniversary Event

35th Anniversary

CESL Asia marked its 35th anniversary with a ceremony that reflected on its exceptional evolution from a Macau-based company to a distinguished international enterprise. The event, attended by prominent figures in Macau's political and business sectors, including Mr. Edmund Ho Hau Wah, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and longstanding business partners instrumental in the company's achievements, underscored CESL Asia's commitment to propelling Macau into a new era of economic and social growth through technology, innovation, sustainability, and diversification.

With its significant legacy in Macau, CESL Asia is embracing a new era of opportunity. Leveraging its expertise and impact investment strategy, the company aims to diversify Macau's economy through the Macau Platform initiative. Under this initiative, CESL Asia will continue to bring together the brightest minds and advanced technologies, fostering a dynamic environment for local and international collaboration and creating an "Innovation Hub" that provides state-of-the-art solutions for local use.

Mr. António Trindade, President and CEO of CESL Asia, highlighted in his address: “With the advancement and sophistication of the local and GBA economies, where adherence to the National Sustainable Goals for 2030 and 2060 encourages the adoption of technology and disruptive business models, we started to expand our technology capacities and our access to professional expertise and experience, establishing important new strategic partnerships for growth.”

During the celebration, CESL Asia formalized a significant agreement with EREN Group, currently holding about 15 billion MOP in equity investment into 18 ventures focused on developing innovative technologies to save natural resources and limit CO2 emissions. This joint venture will have exclusivity to promote ACCENTA, a proven A.I. technology, enhancing CESL Asia’s FOCUS services and users’ comfort while saving energy, labor, and lifecycle costs of the facilities we manage.

Other noteworthy partnerships include DELC - Distributed Energy Low Carbon Company, a start-up specializing in energy transition that in its first year of operations in Mainland China is generating over 100 million RMB in annual turnover in four concession contracts, and Currie & Brown, a global leader in project management and advisory services. Another strategic partnership is in progress between MPS and Guangdong Heavy Industry Architecture Engineering Group, a leading company with over 2,500 engineers in Mainland China, working together on a highly technical tunnel construction project in Macau.

Mr. Dominic Sio, CESL Asia Co-President, emphasized, "The new development of our country injects fresh energy and opportunities into Macau, providing an expansive platform for growth. CESL Asia is ensuring each member of its team possesses an international perspective and seizes the developmental opportunities of our nation.”

As part of the celebration, CESL Asia organized a conference on “The Platform for a Sustainable and Diversified Economy,” featuring presentations on regenerative agriculture and sustainable food production in Portugal (Monte do Pasto), energy utilities management in Mainland China, and intelligent technologies for decarbonization in Macau and the Greater Bay Area.

The event concluded with a food-tasting cocktail that included a selection of Autentico Foods – Portuguese Cuisine products, exemplifying CESL Asia's commitment to sustainable and ethical food production for a better future for our communities.

Moving forward, CESL Asia's entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset will drive the active pursuit of breakthroughs, positioning the company at the forefront of positive change. CESL Asia is dedicated to growing with its clients and communities, contributing to Macau's expansion on the global stage.