CESL Asia Showcases its Award-Winning Innovation at the MIECF 2016

CESL Asia Showcases its Award-Winning Innovation at the MIECF 2016

Macao, 31 March 2016 - CESL Asia is a local company that provides innovative, high value-added services and solutions to its clients and the community. The company’s innovation capability has earned wide recognition in the market, the community and by peers in the business community. In 2015 the Macau European Chamber of Commerce distinguished CESL Asia as the first recipient of their “MECC Award for Euroexcellence in INNOVATION”.

“How to grow a city” is CESL Asia’s call for excellence and also the company’s commitment to the pursuit of quality of life that leads to “zero waste” and, at the MIECF 2016, the company will exhibit again its “Made-in-Macau” award-winning innovation.

To CESL Asia, “Zero Waste Management” -- subject which this year’s MIECF revolves around, is not simply an objective; it is a call for excellence that is achievable but only as a consequence of continuous collaboration of everyone to do better, every day, in the pursuit of high quality of life.

Therefore, CESL Asia believes that the company can be successful by providing service solutions which are the best that the world can offer and the most suitable and appropriate to meet local conditions, thus creating value from significantly reducing wasteful practices and resource consumption.

This year CESL Asia will showcase its 27 years of local experience, reputation, and competence of providing the highest standard of services that are crafted by its local professionals for the needs of the company’s clients in Macau, ranging from architectural, engineering & planning consultant; facilities management services; and investments in technology & assets that our communities need today, tomorrow and more importantly, in the future.