CESL Asia’s Kids Movie Day enlivens summer for 80 children from local care institutions

CESL Asia’s Kids Movie Day enlivens summer for 80 children from local care institutions

Macao, 28 August 2013 – Hoping to spread love and joy among some of the less fortunate youngsters of Macau’s community, CESL Asia Group and its Social Investment Team members joined hands with 80 kids from local child care institutions and spent a cheerful morning at the Galaxy Cinemas. On August 28th, the animated comedy movie “Despicable Me 2” delighted the excited crowd, with laughter and happiness filling everyone’s heart.

Most of these children either do not have family, or are neglected by their parents who often “don’t have time” to give them proper care and attention, and so have come to child care institutions. For the 3rd consecutive year, CESL Asia has been holding its Kids Movie Day, hoping to give some of these children an opportunity to spend an unforgettable day outside the child care centers. At this year’s event, we invited a group of 80 lively children, from three different organizations: Caritas Macau, Cradle of Hope Association and Kin Wa Single Parent Families Mutual Support Center.

To the great joy of the kids, CESL Asia prepared thoughtful gift packages for each of the kids, containing food and drinks, stationeries and Hello Kitty plush toys, with some items generously sponsored by McDonald’s Macau. Up to now, through the Kids Movie Day, CESL Asia has brought over 230 children to Macau cinemas, with the involvement and participation of 30 members of the company’s Social Investment Team. We were able to provide a meaningful and unforgettable summer morning to our young friends, and at the same time improve our staff’s understanding, leadership and communication skills with the communities served by our company.

CESL Asia, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is committed to enriching its staff’s knowledge, service skills and personal traits, inspiring a close relationship with the communities it serves and encouraging its employees to be active in seeking interaction. Our company desires to contribute to growing a better and more integrated society in Macau.

In 2000, CESL Asia introduced the non-profit “CESL Asia Social Investment” fund with an objective to enhance the intellectual, social, cultural and physical well-being of the community and staff members. To fund these activities, each year the company grants a portion of its revenue and, in partnership with and additional contributions from its team members and other likeminded organizations, provides valuable resources in support of the objectives established in the Social Investment Program. The company is aiming to expand its Social Investment Team and continuing to take an active role in helping to grow the Macau community and the capabilities of CESL Asia’s team.