CESL Asia and Friends Sport Fun Day 2020 to Grow an Inclusive City

CESL Asia and Friends Sport Fun Day 2020 to Grow an Inclusive City

In 2020 CESL Asia is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its “Social Investment Initiative”, that actively invests in local talent development, charitable activities and in improving the community, and draws on voluntary contributions of its employees and business partners that share the vision of building more sustainable and inclusive communities.

“CESL Asia and Friends Sport Fun Day 2020” is part of CESL Asia Social Investment Initiative (CSII). This annual event was created to support Macau Special Olympics (“MSO”) athletes development programs and promote values of equality and inclusion within the community.

This year “CESL Asia and Friends Sport Fun Day” was co-hosted by Sporting Clube de Macau and brought together 17 companies and organizations. Teams from these companies and organizations were joined by MSO athletes on a day full of enthusiasm, inspiration and impact. After several rounds of intense races, Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU) was crowned champion of the “Football Tournament”, Tai Fung Bank and MGM won the “Bocce Golden Cup Competition” and the “Bocce Silver Plate Competition”, respectively.

To allow MSO athletes to try new sport activities, Sporting Clube de Macau set up a Sporting Trial Zone where those athletes were able to experience for the first time the thrill of a football training with professional players.

Mr. António Trindade, President and CEO of CESL Asia highlights the importance of this event to demonstrate the social impact of companies on society: “We believe that the experience of these athletes and other participants in this event will create valuable changes in our society and in our companies. Putting people with different abilities to play with team spirit is an excellent way to develop positive attitudes towards reality and demonstrate the advantages of challenging prejudices. At the same time, by inspiring everyone to practice sport, we want to contribute towards common goals to increase the health and well-being of everyone in our companies and in the community. That is why we decided to keep this event in our program, even in this year full of challenges, and we are very proud of the support we received from all our fantastic partners here”.

“CESL Asia and Friends Sport Fun Day 2020” attracted more than 150 participants and volunteers, as well as raised an amount of over MOP120,000 in donations to Macau Special Olympics (“MSO”).

Mr. Hetzer Siu Yu Hong, CEO of Macau Special Olympics shared: “We would like to thank CESL Asia for organizing with us and making this event a great success. Building an inclusive environment for people with disabilities, regardless of gender, age and ability, is very important to increase understanding, tolerance and respect for these people. Over the years, we have seen many companies, institutions and organizations participating in the “CESL Asia and Friends Sport Fun Day”, which allows more and more people to know the profound meaning and social value of this event. We hope to keep promoting together, in the future, a culture of inclusion and tolerance.”

CESL Asia extends its sincere gratitude to all partners and sponsors that made “CESL Asia and Friends Sport Fun Day 2020” once more such an inspiring and impactful event: Banco Comercial de Macau, Banco Nacional Ultramarino, Tai Fung Bank, Bank of China, Macau Branch, Galaxy Entertainment Group, Global Communications Advertising & Marketing Ltd., Jornal Tribuna de Macau, Macau Baptist College, Macau Coca-Cola Beverage Co. Ltd., Macau Daily Times, Macau Institution of Engineers, Marsh Insurance Brokers (Macao), Limited, McDonald’s Macau, MGM, Montina Planning Co. Ltd., Philippine Consulate General in Macau SAR, PricewaterhouseCoopers and University of Saint Joseph.