CESL Asia Hosts The 9th Kids Movie Day for Local Children Institutions

CESL Asia hosted its “Kids Movie Day 2019” today 28 August. Our Social Investment (CSI) Team has paired up with 16 local beneficial institutions to this event during the past nine years, hoping to create an educational and unforgettable experience in different sectors within Macau’s society, as well as to promote a message of harmonious society development.

Four local institutions were invited to this year’s event, namely Fountain of Hope, Lar de Jovens de Mong-há, Fuhong Society of Macau and Centro do Serviços de Fornecimento Temporário de Alimentos da Caritas, together with kids and volunteers from CSI team, making up a total of 120 participants. Same as the past years, Golden Burger (Macau) Food Company Limited, having a long-term partnership with the CESL Asia, has fully supported the event. The President and CEO of CESL Asia, Mr. Antonio Trindade and The People Assistant Director of Golden Burger Group, Ms. Louisa Kuoc, plus both companies’ management teams were present in the event.

Starting with a wonderful performance by Mr. Ronald McDonald, both kids and guests enjoyed happy moments together. The CSI Team then led all participants to visit the exhibition “The Golden Age of Arabic Science: Exhibition from 1001 Inventions” in Macao Science Center to learn about a rich history of scientific development and intercultural appreciation. It was followed by the most exciting part of the event – watching the educational movie “Cell! Cell! Cell!” in the Planetarium. Through the exciting storyline, this movie reveals the mysteries of cell and human body. The company selected all these sections to stimulate the development of kids through an interesting introduction to science. The event was successfully completed thanks to the supportive and cooperation of various institutions as well as the Macao Science Center who sponsored all admission tickets.

We all in CESL Asia hope to contribute to the happy, healthy and sustained education and development of young people in Macau in order to allow them to realize “how to grow our city”, which has also been the aspiration of the company for the past 30 years. The volunteers agree that this is a valuable opportunity to allow their kids to engage in this event learning mutual respect and communicate with different groups of people in the society.

CESL Asia is a local company in Macau established over 30 years ago, and has been actively promoting the development of our city. Its social investment fund “CESL Asia Social Investment” was formally set up 20 years ago. It aims to promote various development initiatives and programs of its leaders, with a focus on inclusion, social support and community development, being an initiator of sustainable development for the company, employees, partners and the local community.