CESL Asia further commits itself to the Platform by setting the path for the acquisition of Monte do Pasto and signing a Strategic Development Agreement with Bank of China, Macau Brunch

CESL Asia - Investments and Services, Limited signed today in Macau a commitment to acquire Saltiproud Group, a business in the agricultural sector in Portugal, and a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with The Bank of China, Macau.

The signing ceremony for the first agreement gathered representatives from the sellers directly from Portugal and the banks involved in financing the deal. This is a significant acquisition, a valuable asset with 3,700 Ha of agricultural land (Macau is about 3,000 Ha in size), a key sector for us, for China and for the World.

This being already a relevant business in Europe, CESL Asia wants to support it in their path for excellence, in our Macau Platform for Financing, Management and Operation of Businesses for the Great bay Area and the Portuguese Speaking Countries.

Inspired on the Belt and Road Initiative, the Great Bay Area Plan and the Macau Platform for Cooperation between China and the Portuguese Speaking Countries, in the last 6 years CESL Asia has been developing its investments, management and operating capacities in Portugal.

To that effect, we are building a Macau Finance Platform to support our Project Growing Platform, expanding our cooperation with financing institutions from China, Portugal and Macau and we have also signed today a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with The Bank of China, Macau Brunch, the first local bank to do so.

BOC has shown an enthusiastic embracement of our relationship and Platform Strategy.

Over the last 30 years CESL Asia has established itself as a Macau company with a mainstream team of local leadership and high achieving, innovative professionals. Always using their knowledge with integrity, striving for excellence in every challenge.

This is our unique Macau Platform, always contributing for the social and economic development of Macau. Ready to embrace the opportunities arising from the Great Bay Area Plan, we are ready to grow ourselves and our team.

Our goal of 6 years has been to establish an integrated Macau-Portugal Platform, for Financing, Management and Operation of Businesses for the Great Bay Area and the Portuguese Speaking Countries, Emerging Markets and Europe.

Most importantly; we are expanding our team in Portugal with the great team of likeminded, high performance professionals, as well as with the cooperation of extremely relevant players, as it is the case of Bank of China, Macau Brunch.