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A Fund of MOP150,000 Raised by “CESL Asia and Friends Sport Fun Day 2019

CESL Asia has successfully held its “Sport Fun Day 2019” on 10 November at Macau Federation of Trade Unions Workers Stadium. The event has attracted more than 200 participants and volunteers and raised a total amount of over MOP150,000 in donations to Macau Special Olympics, as to support its Disabled Sports Program and its daily operation.

CESL Asia Hosts The 9th Kids Movie Day for Local Children Institutions

CESL Asia hosted its “Kids Movie Day 2019” today 28 August. Our Social Investment (CSI) Team has paired up with 16 local beneficial institutions to this event during the past nine years, hoping to create an educational and unforgettable experience in different sectors within Macau’s society, as well as to promote a message of harmonious society development.

MIECF 2019: CESL Asia commits itself to the Macau Platform for green industries in the Great Bay Area

CESL Asia always commits itself to providing innovative services and technological solutions to the community we serve while it envisages mapping out a sustainable and environmentally friendly blueprint for its Macau business with a proactive, farsighted mindset. Accordingly, and inspired on the “Belt and Road” Initiative, the Great Bay Area Plan and “Commercial and Trade Co-operation Platform between China and Portuguese Speaking Countries”, CESL Asia is expanding the business in Portugal under the foundation of its own “Growing Platform Strategy”.

CESL Asia further commits itself to the Platform by setting the path for the acquisition of Monte do Pasto and signing a Strategic Development Agreement with Bank of China, Macau Brunch

CESL Asia - Investments and Services, Limited signed today in Macau a commitment to acquire Saltiproud Group, a business in the agricultural sector in Portugal, and a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with The Bank of China, Macau.

The signing ceremony for the first agreement gathered representatives from the sellers directly from Portugal and the banks involved in financing the deal. This is a significant acquisition, a valuable asset with 3,700 Ha of agricultural land (Macau is about 3,000 Ha in size), a key sector for us, for China and for the World.

CESL Asia Showcases its Pivot Role as a Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (PSC) in the China International Import Expo (CIIE)

CESL Asia is showcasing its pivot role as a platform between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries (PSC) in the first ever China International Import Expo (CIIE), an event that kicked off yesterday in Shanghai with the presence of President Xi Jinping.

It is a significant move for the Chinese government to hold the CIIE to give firm support to trade liberalization and economic globalization while actively opening the Chinese market to the world.

CESL Asia held its “Sport Fun Day 2018” to promote an inclusive society

CESL Asia held its “Sport Fun Day 2018” for the second year yesterday (28 October) with an aim to promote an inclusive society with people from all groups. The key mission of the event is to spread positivity through sports with support from like-minded partners who share the same intention. The event raised a total amount of $160,000 in donations to the MSO to support its disabled sports development and social welfare programs.

CESL Asia Hosts Kids Movie Day for Local Children Institutions

On 27 August, CESL Asia hosted its “Kids Movie Day” for the eighth consecutive year. The company and its Social Investment (CSI) Team have been bringing over 15 local beneficial institutions to the event during the past years; apart from arousing public attention towards underprivileged children, CESL Asia hopes to propagate a positive message to the local children and encourage them contributing back to Macao's community.

CESL Asia Introduces to MIECF 2018 Service Solutions Based on Innovative Technology Able to Upgrade The Quality of Life and to Transform Macau Into a Smart City

CESL Asia has been sparing no effort for the past 30 years to take part in the development of Macau under its motto “How to grow a city”. Home to diversified professional services of the highest degree of quality and added value, CESL Asia is committed to innovative and reliable technology solutions, custom-made for relevant references in both the public and private sectors, and also deeply committed to contribute to the sustainable development of the community.

CESL Asia’s Kids Movie Day Boosts Harmonious Society

CESL Asia held its “Kids Movie Day” for the seventh consecutive year with an aim to spread the love and care to the kids from local child institutions and bring joyfulness to them. CESL Asia Social Investment (CSI) Team gathered over 100 kids and 30 volunteers to enjoy an animation movie and disseminate the idea of building harmonious society.

CESL Asia and Friends Strives for Social Integration at Sport Fun Day 2017

The CESL Asia and Friends Sport Fun Day was held on 10 June at Workers Stadium, a cooperative effort to promote social integration and stimulate institutional, corporate and public awareness for the untapped potential for the challenged members of our community as contributors for the social and economic development of our community. The event, with the support of participating entities and individuals, succeeded in raising a total of MOP 80,000 for Macau Special Olympics (MSO) to empower its mission of transforming lives through sports.

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