City of Dreams Macau

City of Dreams Macau

(2009 to 2016)


The hotel consortium commencing operations in early 2009 and as an experienced Facilities Management Contractor in local, DAFOO’s main scope of responsibility is providing professional services for the operation and maintenance of the Core Building, namely the Energy Center of the Hotel Complex, since February 2009, which includes the following.


  • A performance based O&M contract at the energy center for heating & cooling, a hot water production plant & distribution network and provision of M&E equipment

Supplied area: a total of 470,000 m² GFA, including one 6-star hotel, three 5-star hotels, shopping areas, fine dining and casinos

Technical Data

  • Chilled water production: 32,000RT  (York)
  • Heat pumps: 15.6 MW
  • Electricity HL/MV/LV
  • MV Emergency generator backup: 7 x 2250 KVA