Altira Macau

Altira Macau

(2007 to 2016)


For such a large and prestigious facility, the availability of reliable utilities (chilled water, hot water and electricity) is crucial to Crown’s daily operations. We provide assistance for infrastructure setup (the work management system and CMMS), participate, on behalf of Crown’s property services team, on T&C, handover inspection as well as defect rectification of chilled water, hot water, electrical system (“Utility Systems”), provide operation and maintenance (including preventive & corrective) for Utility Systems in back-office areas and establish proper technical documentation systems (an O&M Manual, drawings, maintenance checklist etc.).


A performance-based O&M contract for the energy center for heating & cooling, a hot water production plant & distribution network, and M&E equipment.

  • Supplied area: a total of 85,000 m² GFA, including the first 6-star hotel in Macau, fine dining and casino (17,000 m2)
  • Technical Data

Chilled water production: 5,250RT  (McQuay)

Heat pumps: 3.8MW

MV & LV Electricity

LV Emergency generator backup: 6 x 2000 KVA