CESL Asia held the Xmas Party 2022 on 14th December, such a wonderful moment to come together and enjoy the party, with fabulous lucky draw prizes and a variety of delicacies.




The welcome speech from Mr. António Trindade, the President and CEO of CESL Asia unveiled the party. He shared his words to appreciate all employees for being dedicated and committed to achieving our goals, willing to put in the time and effort necessary to succeed in facing challenges and setbacks. Mr. António Trindade is also pleased to announce that in 2023, CESL Asia will celebrate its 35th Anniversary. With the consistent, innovative development and impact inspired in the past 35 years, CESL Asia is well established in Macau and is recognized for its high credibility.




At the party, CESL Asia recognized and awarded 23 employees who have been working with us for 10 and 20 years. Mr. Trindade also conferred the 25 Years Long Service Award! In the end, we pushed the atmosphere to the highest by drawing more than 100 prizes and the party ended with endless cheers.




CESL Asia participated in Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF), this meaningful event for the 14th consecutive year, demonstrating how over the past 34 years it has been investing in the sustainable development of Macau, contributing to grow a smarter, more competitive city able to offer its communities a better quality of life.




This year we presented a set of sustainable solutions, including cost-effective Architecture and Planning Consulting Services that focus on efficient construction and innovative smart green building, Facilities Management services that actively promote the implementation of environmentally friendly Operations and Maintenance solutions, and its investment strategy in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems.



CESL Asia was invited by the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) to join MIF and showcased the Ortux – a People, Asset and Resources Management Platform, an advanced technological solution designed to improve the lifecycle value and performance of business assets, supporting smarter, more productive management of asset and their maintenance and more sustainable operations.



On 28 October 2022, the Macau European Chamber of Commerce (MECC) hosted its annual Gala Dinner at the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort. It is our honor to be invited by MECC and sponsor this event for the seventh consecutive year.


10月28日,盛世集團深感榮幸受澳門歐洲商會Macau European Chamber of Commerc 邀請贊助及出席於上葡京舉辦的晚宴。集團作為該會熱心會員,轉眼間已連續七年成為此晚宴贊助商。

Mr. António Trindade, CESL Asia President and CEO is invited by the government of Portugal as a speaker at Expo Fish Portugal, the largest virtual event for the promotion of Portuguese Fish and the fisheries and seafood sector.


世集團董事局主席及行政總裁田達德先生受葡萄牙政府邀請在 Expo Fish Portugal葡萄牙最大型的魚類、漁業和海產線上推廣平台上發表演說。


Mr. António Trindade shared his vision about the opportunities that could be explored within the Macau Platform that aims to connect and establish"commercial and investment relationships" between Portugal, Macau, China, the Portuguese Speaking Countries and Europe. He highlighted the key success factors for Portuguese companies to enter the Greater Bay Area market: a differentiated quality brand, sustainable storytelling, a partnership with a key distributor, and optimized logistics.






Link of Mr. António Trindade's speech (from 03:03:00):


Monte do Pasto, a company from CESL Asia welcomed the visit of the Portuguese Secretary of State for Agriculture, Rui Martinho, the Vice Mayor of Cuba, Filipe Chora, and the Mayor of the Municipality of Alvito, José Manuel Efigénio, to whom the team made known the company’s growth strategy, its True Born Beef beef brand, and the investments in sustainability and internationalization. Highlights included the award-winning Ethical Meat innovation project – Integrated System for Sustainable Meat Production, the innovative Animal Welfare Park and the AgriPV's technological solution.


烈歡迎葡萄牙農業國務秘書 Rui Martinho、古巴副市長 Filipe Chora 和阿爾維圖市市長 José Manuel Efigénio 到訪盛世集團旗下農業子公司 Monte do Pasto。是次會面Monte do Pasto分享了未來的增長戰略、True Born Beef 牛肉品牌的發展、農場可持續發展願景和進軍國際的計劃。亮點包括屢獲殊榮的 Ethical Meat 創新項目——可持續肉類生產綜合系統、創新的動物福利園地和農業光伏(AgriPV)技術解決方案。

Monte do Pasto, a company of CESL Asia has just won the 2022 Crédito Agrícola Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award in the Food, Nutrition and Health category with Ethical Meat, an innovative project in the field of sustainable meat production and sustainability acceleration in the agricultural sector, where we are investing more than 700 thousand Euros, with co-financing from Compete 2020 of the Government of Portugal and EU.
世集團在葡業務Monte do Pasto農場憑藉自家生產的健康可持續肉類,獲得由Crédito Agrícola農業銀行頒發之食品、營養和健康組別的企業創新獎。我們投資超過 70 萬歐元於「健康可持續肉類項目」,旨在加速農業可持續發展。項目同時亦獲歐盟於葡萄牙的官方執行機構Compete2020大力支持,共同資助研究費用。

Monte do Pasto has been distinguished as a company promoting salary equality between women and men in 2022 for its exemplary practices in promoting Remuneration Equality between Women and Men for work of equal or equal value.


著積極推動男女同工同酬的優秀表現,盛世集團位於葡萄牙阿連特茹區的Monte do Pasto農場榮獲工作與就業平等委員會表彰為2022年度促進男女工資平等企業!


Attracting and developing skilled and diversified talent in the agriculture sector is key to increasing its competitiveness and innovation capacity.




The “CESL Asia and Friends Sport Fun Day” was successfully held on the November 27th at Macau Federation of Trade Unions Workers Stadium together with Macau local companies and raised MOP 110,000 in donations to Macau Special Olympics (MSO).



A better tomorrow depends on what we do today! Together we grow Macau!



CESL Asia hosted the Macau Special Olympics Charity Sales Event at the ground level of AIA Tower on 25th Oct.


世集團於10月25日與澳門特殊奧運會(MSO) 學員一起在友邦廣場入口處設慈善義賣攤位。


Many generous and kind people came to visit our booth and purchased the delicious handmade cookies prepared by MSO students for showing support to them and their families, and hope to look for more opportunities for the students to develop their strengths and talents.



CESL Asia has actively contributed to local society with various public welfare activities and keeps growing our communities through our CSII program. This year, CESL Asia continues to donate and joined again the biggest annual charity walk event organized by the Charity Fund From the Readers of Macao Daily News - "Walk for a Million"